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Online Qi Gong Classes During the Shelter in Place order

During the Shelter in Place Order, I am offering a free 30 minutes Qi Gong class every
Monday and Wednesday 9:30am-10:00 am on Facebook and Instagram Live (Felek
Acupuncture). I will be online around 9:25am and practicing sitting meditation till
9:30am and for the next half an hour, we will be learning 8 pieces of brocade Qi Gong

Goddess Retreat


In this workshop, we will be looking at the natural cycles of our bodies and how to interpret them from a Chinese Medicine perspective. We will discuss what we can do when we experience PMS, heavy bleeding, irregular menses, etc. We’ll also talk about the effect of food on our cycles, and how to locate helpful acupressure points on ourselves and each other.


   A Journey with Acupuncture and Sound


February 18th 4pm-6pm, March 25th , June 10th , September 30th & November 18th  6pm-8pm

Two ancient powerful healing and transformational modalities are meeting for a 90 min journey. The intention of this meeting is to provide a safe container for the participants to come relax, let go, enjoy and heal whatever is ready to move forward.

The Acupuncture treatment will be focused on relaxation, helping the body and mind to surrender to the journey of the moment.

The Sound offering will be exploring many different colors and horizons from gentle traditional melodies to nature rythmes, from enchanting bells to curious percussions, inviting the participants to expand and reconnect to their inner pulse.

Price : $45-50
This very special event is LIMITED TO ONLY 13 PARTICIPANTS, reserve your ticket now to be sure you can join.
For tickets go to :

Location : Octagon Community Acupuncture

Taiji Quan For Couples

taqui for coupels

Traditional Chinese Medical practice not only involves herbal medicine and acupuncture but also massage (tui na), exercise (qi gong/ taiji) and dietary therapy.  A long term Taiji Quan practitioner and a dear friend Javier Rodrigez will be in Berkeley for a few days in the first week of December. He is going to offer a Tai Chi Quan for Couples class on December 4th at 3-5pm. If you have interest in taking advantage of this rare opportunity, please contact me by November 27th. The class will be on donation basis and the location will be determined by the number of attendees.

Bio: Javier Rodriguez is originally from San Antonio, Texas where he began studying martial arts as a child. His studies include Filipino Martial Arts, Yoga, and Japanese Karate in which he holds a black black belt.

Javier found his purpose when he was introduced to QiGong and Meditation through Yang’s Martial Arts Association. Since 2009, he has been a disciple under Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming at the YMAA Retreat Center in Northern California where he is completing a ten-year residential martial arts program. He teaches a spectrum of taiji applications, competes nationally, has authored articles about taiji training and is truly a pleasure to practice with!

Free Wellness Events


Since 2014, I had the pleasure of hosting free monthly Wellness Events where we held a space for meditation, qi gong, acupressure and drinking tea together. Recently I decided to start my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine (October 2017). Due to my work/ study  schedule, I will have to cancel the Wellness Events with the hope that I will restart them again in the future.


Tea is Medicine Class – October 23, 2016


Location: Far Leaves Tea tea house @ 2626 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA  1:00 -2:30

Come learn the philosophy of Chinese medicine behind the blending of Far Leaves Tea signature medicinal non-caffeinated herbal teas blends.  In this hands-on class, you will learn from  Ozben Felek, a licensed acupuncturist, the philosophies of Chinese Medicine, and from tea proprietor, Donna Lo, the benefits of FLT signature Chinese herbal medicine-inspired tea blends.  Get ready to experiment with hands-on brewing, drink lots of tea, eat lots of tea snacks, as well as take home more teas to enjoy.To reserve your spot please visit the link :

Tea is Medicine Class – October 23, 2016

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